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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's new at Class Act Books

To go along with the sites facelift we've had some very exciting releases at Class Act Books in the last few months ... six great books to add to your shelf.

Set against the rugged 1906 Oregon and California coastline, Not Without Fear is a story of love, hate, cruelty and desperation. The brutish captain of a lumber schooner drives his terrorized young wife into the arms of his first mate. The discovery of her infidelity triggers a murderous
rampage. No longer content to simply ruin her life, he sets out to end it, along with that of her lover.
You will find hope in this tragic tale as you experience the tenderness and love of two people swept up in a world they don’t understand. You will live the fear of waiting for a killer to strike and then know the penetrating horror of being on the deck of a ship during a fearsome storm at sea when he does. And then, feel the heart-warming triumph of the final resolution to this all too human saga.

Katy has a liking for those Bad Boys on the movie screen, though she’s a little more particular about her real-life boyfriends. When her friends’ teasing about her dateless Saturday nights goes too far, she does a foolish thing. She asks the Devil to send her his baddest Bad Boy…and to her surprise, he does. Well, perhaps not the baddest, for Zel’s a monumental underachiever of a demon, about to be demoted to the lowest rung of the Satanic ladder if he doesn’t straighten up and fly wrong. Tempting Katy’s his last chance.

Katy knows what Zel is, but who can resist a blond, blue-eyed hunk with the longest…wingspan…she’s ever seen? Zel not only aces his assignment, he’s now his demonic department’s star employee, but, unknown to Satan, something terrible has happened. Zel and Katy break the rules by falling in love, and there will literally be Hell to Pay when the Big Boss finds out!

Arcanis was a world set in its ways, until nine-year-old Darien-Marcus san Gene became margrave. Raised by the advising council made up of his father’s best, he’s given a mistress at age twelve, a wife when he’s thirteen, and develops a tremendous desire to rebel all on his own. When His Majesty reaches nineteen, the orphaned prince declares his independence... and there’s nothing those stuffy, old-fashioned advisors can do about it.

With the aid of his wife, his best friend, and his younger brother, Darien begins the not-so-subtle and sometimes shocking changes to his world. Against the background of the love story of a teenage groom and his child bride and their growth into passionate adults, there’s also the tale of a society in transition because its ruler considers it both constricting and out of dated…and he’s having a great time doing it!

Vampires can have as many problems with love as anyone else. 

Take the members of the Clan Andriescu, for instance. 

There’s Marius, elder brother and leader of the clan, who can’t understand why the one woman he really loves doesn’t want to renew their affair. What does it matter that fifty years have passed since their last meeting? Isn’t love eternal?

Then, there’s younger brother Valerius. Ordered to get serious and find a bride, he does what any spoiled brat will do. He runs away…right into the arms of a most beguiling young lady who’s human and mortal and forbidden. What’s a vampire to do?

As for Cousin Timon… Married to the author of the most famous vampire series since Interview with the Vampire can be fun, until she writes a novel proving vampires exist. 
Join the Clan Andriescu as they find love, lose it, find it again, and struggle to keep it.

Where do you go when nowhere on Earth is safe?

You leave the planet, of course.

That’s exactly what Katherine Rawls does when she witnesses a murder and finds herself with two hit men on her trail. Boarding a ship transporting women as Domestics to a pioneering planet seems the best escape route. Katy figures she’ll just lie low for a while, then come back and turn the evidence over to the authorities. She doesn’t count on finding herself bought and paid for…as a station owner’s bride.

Now, Katy has a danger of another kind to face. Sarkin Trant may be sympathetic to her predicament and he’s agreed to protect her, but he also expects full husbandly benefits in return.

When Rhonda is called to investigate the murder of Pete Potter, she finds she has more suspects than she knows what to do with. Classmates either Love – Hate – Or Don’t Give a Damn about good old Pete.

To confuse things further Rhonda uncovers not only Pete’s secret life in Madison, but also the business practices that are anything above board, leaving disgruntled clients, family and friends.

When bodies start to pile up, Rhonda realizes she doesn’t have just a random murder on her hands. She’s dealing with a murderer with a vendetta and all the markings of a serial killer.

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