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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Release The Power of Love by Diane Vierck

Clay is madly in love with his mate Teaka. When she ends up not coming back from one of her morning walks his world turns upside down. He is willing to risk his life and cross a large and rough flowing river to get Teaka back.
Teaka is madly in love with her mate Clay. After a dangerous accident that sent her to the opposite shore of a large wild river she is frantic about what to do. Trying to get back across on her own would mean risking their unborn child. She holds onto the hope that Clay will find her and refuses to accept anything else.
Clay and Teaka’s love for each other is the only thing that keeps them going. They must find a way to get back into each other’s arms once again. The wild river isn’t strong enough to keep them apart, not when they have the power of love on their side.

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Romance
About the Author:

Diane Vierck is married and the mother of one son. She started writing her creative thoughts down after a big lay off in 2009. With all the spare time available, her thoughts turned to stories. After completing her first novel she couldn't stop and now has written an assortment of fantasy and young adult stories.

When Diane isn't writing she is either working or spending time with her family. She has been a member of the Janesville Area Writers Club for many years and just recently became the secretary. Becoming an author has been her dream come true and creating new stories and revising her old ones keeps her busy.

New Release When Love Shaped Us by Bob Young

A disloyal Air Corp mechanic, a spy seeking to steal U.S. Army uniforms, POWs, and a grieving father with a shotgun bring WWII into the middle of Chaz and Irene’s budding romance. How they meet these challenges shapes the rest of their lives.

Historical Romance
About the Author:

Bob has been writing his whole career except for the last ten years when he settled into customer service roles for a variety of companies. He answered an inner voice to return to storytelling and begged his way into a writers group. It was there that his short stories were diagnosed as novels waiting to be born.

   He is fascinated by the generation just ahead of his own who weren’t old enough to go to war but tried to make contributions at home.

   He reports that writing ‘When Love Shaped Us’ has been a very satisfying experience. The extended length has allowed him to describe a small town and the changes that begin to push it into a new era as well as to tell the story of Chaz and Irene.

   Bob has written some plays in the past, some of which have been produced in workshop settings. His four children are the prototypes for his action-oriented, adventurous heroes. And his relationship with his wife, Shari, is the deep resource he accesses to describe love between two people in good times and bad.

Visit his webpage at: www.bobyoungauthor.com

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Release Heart of Ice by Crystal Crichlow

The town of Fort Nelson has secrets, and Charlotte Heart is about to stumble on to the tip of its blade.

Ace Dillon was born in the eighteenth century, but a curse on his town has transformed him into something…frightening.

Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

About the Author

A native of Barbados, Crystal Crichlow is an award winning and best-selling author who developed a passion for writing at the age of nine. She currently resides in Ontario, Canada and spends her time writing and reading YA fiction, reviewing indie books, obsessing about movies and T.V shows while working as a part-time dental assistant. She has a soft spot for anything related to Greek mythology or zombies. Red velvet cupcakes are her kryptonite.

You can find out more about Crystal by visiting her official author website: crystalcrichlow.weebly.com

New Release Sorcerers in Space by Larry Hodges

It is 1969, at the height of tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Neil, 13, badly wants to be someone. Instead he's stuck as a sorcerer's apprentice for Gus, the "meanest sorcerer in the world.” Gus creates a magical talisman to spy on the Soviets, but instead it spies on them and sends text into space. A Giant Face in the Sky shows up, reading the text.

Since whoever gets to the Face will have the world at their mercy, the Race to the Face begins. The Soviets invade the U.S. in their attempts to kill Neil, who is prophesied to defeat them. A floating, talking meteor assassin named Buzz becomes Neil's companion--but in one week, Buzz must kill Neil.

President Kennedy puts together a motley crew that includes Neil, Gus, Buzz, a dragon, a 2-D sorcerer, and the sorceress Jackie Kennedy. Can they make it to the Face before the Soviets, and before Buzz kills Neil?

Young Adult Humorous Parody

About the Author:
Larry Hodges, of Germantown, MD, has been reading science fiction & fantasy since he could ride a bicycle. At some point he started writing his own stories, including an early one about a giant snowflake destroying a city. He's also a former championships table tennis player - and it was between practice sessions that he began to feverishly write more.

While making the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame as a coach and writer (five books and over 1400 published articles on table tennis), he managed to sell over 60 SF and fantasy short stories and his first novel, "Sorcerers In Space," out Nov. 15, 2013 from Class Act Books. He's a graduate of the six-week 2006 Odyssey Writers Workshop and the 2008 Taos Toolbox Writers Workshop, and a member of Science Fiction Writers of America.
Visit him at www.larryhodges.org

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Release Dragon by James Austen McCormick

Dragon is an epic, action packed tale of adventure set amongst the political backdrop of an uneasy intergalactic cease fire. As worlds conspire against each other, Gax, an insane warlord stockpiles an arsenal of ancient technology in his attempt to rule known space.

Two ill matched and reluctant heroes stand in his way; Sillow, a neurotic and cowardly Sylvan and Brok, a surly and ill tempered Herkulun warrior. After a chance meeting in a seedy, mobster owned casino the two find their fates interlinked as they are propelled into a series of hair raising adventures that takes them from wanted smugglers to agents of a peace keeping alliance.

As war grows close once again Sillow and Brok realize it is they alone who must stop Gax and prevent Armageddon, a very tall order indeed for two unlikely heroes.

About the Author:

James Austin McCormick is a college lecturer from England who enjoys all types of speculative fiction; science fiction, horror and fantasy especially and often tries to blend these elements together in his own writing. He is also a particular fan of classic Gothic and Victorian horror tales and is currently in the process of writing updated version of these with a science fiction spin.

James is the author of a horror novella “Sundown,” published in Deathgrip 3: It Came from the Cinema (Hellbound Publishing 2005) as well as several shorter works in publications such as Tales of the Talisman, Jupiter SF, Thirteen Stories, Trunk Stories and Ethereal Tales. Science Fiction Continuum also published a series of his tales from 2004 until 2006. He has also just had a fantasy short “Tommy and the Trolls” published by Horror LCC in their anthology, Strangely Funny which came out in August of this year.

James lives in Manchester with his wife and two daughters, no pets as everyone suffers with allergies.

New Release - Memories of the Dead

In an effort to end Homage, Warden Zorfrane plans to kill The Grand Despot and the other Gods of Glimmerblade but, if successful, he will unwittingly bring down the very barriers which control Time and Reality, setting the stage for another War of Loss.

Jalok, a young and adventurous farmer, has no idea that events both close to home and across the ocean are spurring him on toward a future where his doom is likely and the salvation of the world anything but as reality unravels all around, lands shift, and the long dead return in droves.

It will be up to Jalok, and a loose coalition of allies and enemies, to discover why these disturbing events are happening, and then find a way to stop them…but it might already be far too late.
The first War of Loss nearly destroyed a kingdom; the second threatens to destroy the world.

About the Author:

Jason J Sergi lives and writes within the frigid hills and vales of New England. According to his calculations, he will need 300+ years to finish every project he plans to write. He intends to reach that goal, somehow, someway, and hopes that his readers will join him for every step of the journey.

Visit his webpage at: http://jjsergi.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's get BOOKED!: Review of Timeless by Blaise Kilgallen

Let's get BOOKED!: Review of Timeless by Blaise Kilgallen: Harassed by an employer, Suzanne Thibold picks up a pre-read paperback to de-stress and is whisked to 1870 Dry Wells, Texas, inhabited by ...

Monday, September 16, 2013

September New Releases!

…Mankind admitted vampires exist?

…Vampires followed Man into the stars, inhabiting every planet in the galaxy?

…They solved the “Vampire Problem” by putting the Undead in concentrations camps?

What would happen if someone decided to destroy the imprisoned nosferatu?

Would the police investigate?

Should they?

Forced to assist Lieutenant Katherine Dalia in the case, vampire Christopher Landless fights desire and thirst to uncover a motive of long-lingering revenge as both vampire and mortal
discover old crimes never go unpunished.

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

Doing Time in Hell is the memoir of J. Bodie, a prison guard at the Nebraska State Penitentiary from 1979-1991.
Encouraged by his father-in-law, also an NSP employee, the young wildcat oil rigger straight from the bayous of Louisiana applied for and received an appointment at the Lincoln, Nebraska State prison. For nearly a dozen years, he observed both the men in his custody as well as the ones guarding them. Soon he realized both were “doing time.” The only difference is that the guards are doing it on the “Installment Plan.”

Within these pages are recorded events that occurred during his employment, as well as various characters, some infamous, some not, whom he met while he also “did his time.”

By J. Bodie, edited by Toni V. Sweeney


Thursday, August 15, 2013

August new releases!

It was a string of bad luck and unfortunate circumstances that led Lucy Jennings to show interest in the two grandmothers that sat across from her desk. Six months ago Lucy discovered her boyfriend in bed with her best friend, and promptly decided that a major lifestyle change was in order. She dumped her steady job as a Police Officer, and opened up her own Private Investigation Agency.

Lila and Carol's case on the surface sounded like the rest of her jobs to date, safe and uninteresting. Regrettably, she wasn't in much of a position to turn down work, not with bills piling up all around her. The only thing the ladies could offer her was $250 bucks and a letter from The Wishful Hearts Adoption Agency. The elderly ladies seemed to think the Agency had something to do with their grandson and his family's sudden disappearance, but Lucy knew a couple of phone calls would clear up the matter quite nicely.

A simple visit to Wishful Hearts; however, turns this minor blurb in the newspaper to front page headlines, and the office manager, Duncan Michels turns her world upside down with his stunning good looks and flirty behavior.

Thrust into a scandal that sees the death of a key witness and blackmail in the highest parts of city government, Lucy must protect a young family, and a man she would prefer not to fall head over heals in love with, in the newest Romantic Suspense: A Bundle of Deceit.


In this sequel to THE ROSE AND THE DRAGON, the Andrus clan attempts to return to peacetime. Though Imperial Law has forbidden their marriage, Kitten Andrus openly declares his feelings for Miranda Wilson, but uncertain times lie ahead for the lovers. Amid the joy of nephew Niki's long-awaited marriage to his adored Ardala, Dominic Andrus' plans to transform his family into law-abiding citizens is destroyed when Imperial Detective Synubis invades the House of Andrus and arrests Kit, Dom, and Niki. Taken into protective custody and separated from those she trusts, Miranda finds herself the Prosecution's chief witness and must summon every ounce of courage to brave an alien justice system where the truth will convict the man she loves of a crime he didn't commit and only a miracle--or a long-hidden secret--can save him...


With the vast Pacific Ocean and exotic tropical islands as a backdrop, this story of unfolding love, danger and adventure invites the reader into a magical world long gone. In 1937, Pan American Airways fabulous new seaplane, China Clipper, roared off the waters of San Francisco Bay, and headed across the Pacific to Manila, in the Philippians. Among the passengers is a pretty heiress, on her way to an arranged marriage with a distant cousin, a handsome bodyguard secretly hired by her father and a vicious kidnapper who plans to strike once they reach Manila. During the five-day island hopping journey, with stays overnight in Hawaii, Midway Atoll, Wake Island and Guam, the heiress and her bodyguard fall in love, a situation with consequences the kidnapper could not have anticipated.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's get BOOKED!: Cady's Story by Blaise Kilgallen

Let's get BOOKED!: Cady's Story by Blaise Kilgallen: Kate McGee, growing up wild on a cattle ranch develops a schoolgirl crush on cowboy, Cady Dillon. Seeking a “better” life, he heads fo...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Let's get BOOKED!: Reunion for a Murder by Sherry Derr-Wille

Let's get BOOKED!: Reunion for a Murder by Sherry Derr-Wille: When Rhonda is called to investigate the murder of Pete Potter, she finds she has more suspects than she knows what to do with. Classmat...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let's get BOOKED!: Not Without Fear by Bill Russell

Let's get BOOKED!: Not Without Fear by Bill Russell: Set against the rugged 1906 Oregon and California coastline, Not Without Fear is a story of love, hate, cruelty and desperation. The b...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Let's get BOOKED!: That Demon in Blue Jeans by Toni V. Sweeney

Let's get BOOKED!: That Demon in Blue Jeans by Toni V. Sweeney: Kate Carter has always considered herself a good girl, but she’s also a very lonely one because of that fact. One night, she does somethi...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's get BOOKED!: Three Moon Station by Icy Blackstone

Let's get BOOKED!: Three Moon Station by Icy Blackstone: Where do you go when you’re a witness to murder and no place on Earth is safe? To another planet, of course. Katherine Rawls is on t...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's new at Class Act Books

To go along with the sites facelift we've had some very exciting releases at Class Act Books in the last few months ... six great books to add to your shelf.

Set against the rugged 1906 Oregon and California coastline, Not Without Fear is a story of love, hate, cruelty and desperation. The brutish captain of a lumber schooner drives his terrorized young wife into the arms of his first mate. The discovery of her infidelity triggers a murderous
rampage. No longer content to simply ruin her life, he sets out to end it, along with that of her lover.
You will find hope in this tragic tale as you experience the tenderness and love of two people swept up in a world they don’t understand. You will live the fear of waiting for a killer to strike and then know the penetrating horror of being on the deck of a ship during a fearsome storm at sea when he does. And then, feel the heart-warming triumph of the final resolution to this all too human saga.

Katy has a liking for those Bad Boys on the movie screen, though she’s a little more particular about her real-life boyfriends. When her friends’ teasing about her dateless Saturday nights goes too far, she does a foolish thing. She asks the Devil to send her his baddest Bad Boy…and to her surprise, he does. Well, perhaps not the baddest, for Zel’s a monumental underachiever of a demon, about to be demoted to the lowest rung of the Satanic ladder if he doesn’t straighten up and fly wrong. Tempting Katy’s his last chance.

Katy knows what Zel is, but who can resist a blond, blue-eyed hunk with the longest…wingspan…she’s ever seen? Zel not only aces his assignment, he’s now his demonic department’s star employee, but, unknown to Satan, something terrible has happened. Zel and Katy break the rules by falling in love, and there will literally be Hell to Pay when the Big Boss finds out!

Arcanis was a world set in its ways, until nine-year-old Darien-Marcus san Gene became margrave. Raised by the advising council made up of his father’s best, he’s given a mistress at age twelve, a wife when he’s thirteen, and develops a tremendous desire to rebel all on his own. When His Majesty reaches nineteen, the orphaned prince declares his independence... and there’s nothing those stuffy, old-fashioned advisors can do about it.

With the aid of his wife, his best friend, and his younger brother, Darien begins the not-so-subtle and sometimes shocking changes to his world. Against the background of the love story of a teenage groom and his child bride and their growth into passionate adults, there’s also the tale of a society in transition because its ruler considers it both constricting and out of dated…and he’s having a great time doing it!

Vampires can have as many problems with love as anyone else. 

Take the members of the Clan Andriescu, for instance. 

There’s Marius, elder brother and leader of the clan, who can’t understand why the one woman he really loves doesn’t want to renew their affair. What does it matter that fifty years have passed since their last meeting? Isn’t love eternal?

Then, there’s younger brother Valerius. Ordered to get serious and find a bride, he does what any spoiled brat will do. He runs away…right into the arms of a most beguiling young lady who’s human and mortal and forbidden. What’s a vampire to do?

As for Cousin Timon… Married to the author of the most famous vampire series since Interview with the Vampire can be fun, until she writes a novel proving vampires exist. 
Join the Clan Andriescu as they find love, lose it, find it again, and struggle to keep it.

Where do you go when nowhere on Earth is safe?

You leave the planet, of course.

That’s exactly what Katherine Rawls does when she witnesses a murder and finds herself with two hit men on her trail. Boarding a ship transporting women as Domestics to a pioneering planet seems the best escape route. Katy figures she’ll just lie low for a while, then come back and turn the evidence over to the authorities. She doesn’t count on finding herself bought and paid for…as a station owner’s bride.

Now, Katy has a danger of another kind to face. Sarkin Trant may be sympathetic to her predicament and he’s agreed to protect her, but he also expects full husbandly benefits in return.

When Rhonda is called to investigate the murder of Pete Potter, she finds she has more suspects than she knows what to do with. Classmates either Love – Hate – Or Don’t Give a Damn about good old Pete.

To confuse things further Rhonda uncovers not only Pete’s secret life in Madison, but also the business practices that are anything above board, leaving disgruntled clients, family and friends.

When bodies start to pile up, Rhonda realizes she doesn’t have just a random murder on her hands. She’s dealing with a murderer with a vendetta and all the markings of a serial killer.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The reason we write...

When I read reviews like this one below, it makes all the hours of editing and banging my head on the keyboard worth it.   I write for readers to enjoy and love it when they do!

"5 heartwarming, oh my god my heart is going to burst of happiness with sighs!!"

Stop by and read the rest of the review for the first book in the MSS.

2 Bibliophiles Guide

Jacqueline Paige
Step into a world of magic and passions. . .
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winter Mist is available today!

Available today!

Book V in the Magic Seasons series
Step into a world of magic and passions....

Take a dash of spice, heat it
Add a flash of magic and watch the sparks fly
Toss in a killer 

Patrick is a man that has lived a violent life undercover in all the wrong places, for too long.  His light charm carefully keeps others from seeing the dangerous man that lies inside.  He is the first for justice and will go out of his way to keep the innocent safe.  He finds himself falling for the woman that was a victim of a sick and vile person and is caught between keeping her out of harm’s way and completing the job he needs to finish.

Rhonda is a woman that becomes a victim to the vicious attack of a killer.  Even though she survives, she will have to learn to live with the scars for the rest of her life.  In hiding she has to rebuild the strength to get through it. She is forced to spend her days and nights in the company of a detective, that seems to have no other plan in life than to constantly aggravate her and make her want things she may never have again.

When Patrick’s cover is blown and he is badly injured, the group of friends pull together to keep him and the recovering victim of a killer safe.  As a result, the group of twelve become targets of the criminals after Patrick and have to live together in a safe house for Yule. 

Can twelve witches follow orders or will they take matters into their own hands?

Excerpt One:
Walt looked around at the three women, then to the giant in front of him. “Who the hell are you and where’s Blaine?”
Dexter shrugged. “He’s not here.”
Walt backed toward the door a bit, pulling Bob with him for cover. He pointed the gun at the large man. “We’ll be going then.”
Dexter shook his head. “I don’t think so.” 
Walt shoved Bob as hard as he could toward the other man and reached for the door at the same time. He pulled it open only to have it jerked from his hand and close with a loud bang. “What the...” He spun around and pointed the gun at the man again. Bob was lying in a heap on the floor as if he’d fainted. Idiot.
He pointed the gun at the long-haired woman and grinned. “Walk over here real slowly.” Her eyebrows went up in a look of shock.
“I don’t think so,” she said softly.
The short blonde flung an arm up and growled. “I don’t like you pointing a gun at my friends.” The gun jerked out of his hand and floated toward the big man, who reached out and plucked it out of midair.
He flipped the safety on and tucked it into the waist of his jeans. “You should listen to her friend.”
“What are you people?” Walt looked from the longhaired one back to the short blonde.
“Sexy.” The black haired woman said softly as she stepped from around the man holding his gun. “And slightly irritated because you barged in here.”
Walt stared at her for a second then turned back toward the door.
“Leaving so soon?” She purred. His back was against the wall, his feet not touching the ground. His shocked expression looked down at Rachel, as his heart tried to climb into his throat.


Throughout the tour stops from March 15 - April 30, comment for a chance to win one of two swag bags and join the new Magic Seasons Books Blog for a chance at the grandprize. http://magicseasonsbooks.blogspot.ca/

The swag bags will consist of a handful of goodies from Jacqueline. The grandprize will include a prize package and a $10 Amazon gift card.

Swag bags draws will take place on March 31st and April 25th. Grandprize will be drawn on April 30th.


Win some prizes picked from this pile...

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Follow the tour stops HERE 

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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Magic Seasons blog

The Magic Seasons has it's own blog now!

Click on the Banner to go to blog

There are reviews, excerpts and more

Most recent review:

5 Stars for From Beltane Magic

5 Stars
"From Beltane Magic was the perfect mix of fantasy, romance, and suspense. I highly recommend it to anyone that loves reading about witches."

~A Girl and Her Kindle~

Jacqueline Paige
Step into a world of magic and passions. . .
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