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Monday, January 23, 2017

IT'S IN THE BLOOD Crosses Oceans in its Story

About the Author:

Juanita Aydlette is from Shreveport, Louisiana, and now lives in Texas.  She’s the only girl in a family of four brothers. She love music, planting flowers and is a dog lover…that’s why she works at an animal clinic.


Never stare at a shirtless hunk with green eyes. Gabrielle Madsen is drawn in by such a pair of eyes that captures her soul and leaves her a prisoner of an addictive kind of love--not that she's complaining. But her educational trip turns out to be more than just a fun-filled summer escapade.

She’s faced with a life-changing decision that could affect the world around her. Her discovery of this ancient, legend-come-to-life proves to be deadly, but her heart can’t break away. She and Josh Van Ness fall in love and must battle the forces that want to keep them apart.


Away from the open menagerie was a path surrounded by dense trees. It was across a narrow decorative bridge built into the landscape. The thick greenery provided a shady side to the open garden. A spotlight created by the sun beckoned to me from inside and I walked away from the others. My eyes were fixed on the pink and red groundcover that glimmered with a hypnotic seduction. I ventured toward the fragrant breeze, unaware of how far I had strayed.

After only a few yards inside the cover of the trees, my body was seized again by a rumble and a frightening snarl. A chill blanketed me and I couldn’t move. I didn’t dare look around, for the back of my blouse had already been saturated by the heated moisture from the breath of the beast. My first instinct was to scream, but fear had stolen my voice. So I took a deep breath and held it. The scent of horror filled my lungs. It was familiar. Was I being stalked by the animal that lurked outside my hotel grounds?

Help me please, rang inside my head. My eyes squeezed shut as its sharp fangs pinched my shoulder. Tears filled my eyes and my hands formed a fist. I waited to feel my bones snap when suddenly, it let go. The leaves crunched. The sound grew fainter by the second, then nothing. My eyes remained closed as I trembled and listened.

“Miss?” A woman’s voice severed my nightmare. “I saw you come out here. We’re getting ready to go to another area. You don’t want to be left behind.”

Without hesitation I ran past her, clutching my throat and sobbing. The other tourists were boarding the van and I made my way to the back. The woman I believed saved me from certain death, came and sat beside me.

“Hi. My name is Kara. Are you okay?” She placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Did you see anything?” I searched her eyes for a confirmation. “An animal? It was behind me.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything,” she said and smiled.

“Was it a spider?” the little lady with the blinding yellow blouse asked.

“No. Never mind, Kara. I guess I’m just tired. Thank you for checking on me.”

“You’re welcome, you take care.” She quickly returned to her seat.

My body trembled as the bus came to stop. I ran from the tourist center to the hotel. Once inside the bathroom, I stripped and examined my shoulder. A painful bruise was both in front and in back. I cried out loud, shook convulsively, and then laughed hysterically. Was I going mad?

Find out more about Juanita at:

Twitter: @Juanita Aydlette


Sunday, January 22, 2017



A new horror novel by AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR Rick McQuiston.
Published by Class Act Books.


In picturesque Mackinac a growing army of rats are beginning to seep into the community of tourists. They seemingly appear out of nowhere, and it is up to ordinary people to gather their courage and battle the hordes.

There is something more frightening beneath the surface, something that was born from the accumulated depths of Earth's creatures, something that can threaten the entire world.


The rodent scurried through the narrow channel. It barely managed to squeeze its lengthy bulk into the tight aperture, but by inhaling a deep breath of warm air, it was able to
reduce its girth enough to allow it somewhat comfortable passage. A cursory glance to either side after it cleared the opening revealed nothing predatory or dangerous.

The rodent then scrambled into the brush.

In its wake was a vicious, gray-green substance that loosely resembled hydraulic motor oil left in the sun too long. It was thick in consistency, yet still transparent enough
to allow the dozens of tiny organisms swirling within it to be seen. It bristled with unnatural life.

The small grass snake slithered through the brush. Its brown, speckled hide gave it perfect camouflage in the wild. It melted into its surroundings, becoming, for all intents and purposes, invisible to both predator and prey. It was its natural defense mechanism as well as aiding it with tracking down prey.

The snake’s belly convulsed with hunger. It hadn’t eaten in days and was in danger of starving. It scanned the woods for any sign of movement, anything at all that it could inflict a bite on and swallow whole.

There was no movement whatsoever. Not even a stray beetle or ant scuttled by. The snake was alone in the vast wilderness of the island. It laid perfectly still, both to
conserve energy and to avoid detection. It sensed that something was watching it from a darkened crevice nearby.

Something bigger than it was, and undoubtedly just as hungry…

Friday, January 20, 2017

Class Act Books' Authors/Books Place in Top Ten for 2016

The results of the Prestigious Preditors & Editors Readers Poll for 2016 foudn Class Act Books in the Top Ten Ratings in the following categories:

Erotica:  The Last of Mrs. Workman by TIna Klahrtener

Thriller:  The Agreement by Linda Burson

YA: The Last Mayor’s Son by Leslie Heath & It’s in the Blood by Juanita Aydlette

General Genre:  The Man from Tipperary by Toni V. Sweeney

Book cover: Four by Moonlight (artist: Simon Nightingale)

Author page: Linda J. Burson & Toni V. Sweeney

Artists page:  James Robinson & Simon Nightingale

All novels are available from amazon and on the publisher's website, www.classactbooks.com.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Novel Influenced by Green Lantern and Haven

Cadre of Vampires was originally written with the idea that everyone loves vampires. That being said, with a topic so vast, and folklore so deep, what could possibly be added to the genre that hasn’t already been done? In this case, the book is a cautionary tale about technology run amok, out of control. I added a Hive Mind and a technological cause for the vampirism rather than a supernatural one.

There is one leader who controls all his vampiric minions and their goal is to build a super vampire who will enslave the world. Finally they will launch into the galaxy and do the same to other inhabited worlds.

It begins when John Abbot disappears after believing that a group or cadre of vampires is in the town. This book uses real places in southern New Hampshire and the cover of the book is the actual police station in one of the towns. There is a large twist towards the end and the reader must decide if it was all real or merely the hunted rambling of a disturbed mind. This was written in second person, which is much easier to write. I had to get permission from the Chief of Police to not only take a picture of the building, but to use it for the cover. After the book came out, I gave him a signed copy. The scifi show of Haven had some influence with this story along with the Green Lantern cartoon. 


Paperback available exclusively from the publisher's website: http://classactbooks.com/cat-romance/cat-romance-paranormal/cadre-of-vampires-553-detail

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


...a new horror novel...


coming from award-winning author Rick McQuiston and
published by Class Act Books...

January 15th.

Friday, January 6, 2017


Class Act Books authors are entered in the P&E Readers Poll.  I'd appreciate any and all votes for myself as well as the others:

Horror: Dark City by Kenneth Gordon

Romance: Love is Silent by Icy Snow Blackstone

SF/Fantasy: The Story of a Peace-Loving Man by Toni V. Sweeney

Erotica:  The Last of Mrs. Workman (3/16)

Thriller:  The Agreement by Linda Burson

YA: The Last Mayor’s Son by Leslie Heath

The Son of Dark by Jeremy Higley

It’s in the Blood by Juanita Aydlette

All Others:  The Man from Tipperary by Toni V. Sweeney

Anthology: Four by Moonlight by Linda Nightingale

Book cover:   The Story of a Peace-Loving Man (James Robinson)
                       Four by Moonlight (Simon Nightingale)

Publisher:  Class Act Books

 Author page: Toni V. Sweeney

 Artists page:  James Robinson
                      Simon Nightingale


Thursday, December 15, 2016

December Releases from Class Act Books

This month, Class Act Books is proud to announce the release of debut author Leslie Heath's Young Adult novel THE LAST MAYOR'S SON.

Aibek gets the surprise of his life when he's summoned out of the West Xona Military Academy to help the village of his birth defend their newly won freedom.

Aibek, his best friend, and his father’s life-long servant make the perilous journey to Nivaka. They arrive to a grand welcome, but soon learn that not everyone there is happy they've come. Will Aibek figure out who in the forest village wants him gone? Or will someone end up dead?


SINBAD'S LAST VOYAGE, Book 2 of The Adventures of Sinbad, is CAB's second December release.  Written by veteran author Toni V. Sweeney, this is a SF Space Opera series previously published, with two new, never-before published novels added, and new covers by artist James Robinson.

As the Earth readies itself for war with the invading Albegensi, Navajo Andrea Talltrees travels to the Thieves Quarter to hire halfbreed smuggler Sinbad shen Singh to find her husband Tran, accused of being a spy.

When they meet, however, its an immediate clash of cultures as well as personalities--plus a heavy dose of instant attraction! Refusing to admit that he has fallen in love with a hated Terran, Sinbad reluctantly takes Andi on a journey that will carry them halfway across the galaxy, where the part-feline smuggler will call on some old friends for help and face one deadly enemy with an old score to settle.

In their search for Andi's husband, they'll uncover a secret invasion that threatens to destroy the war-torn Terran Federation, and will learn that it doesn't matter how long a person loves but simply that he does love.

Sinbad's Last Voyage will shortly be available on amazon and at the publisher's website.