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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jericho Road by Icy Snow Blackstone

On Jericho Road, the lives of the Conyers and the Brights have been entwined since the War between the States, but as the South emerges into a new Way of Life, the scars of a more recent war will soon tear the two families apart.

Wade Conyers' return from Vietnam should have been a joyous occasion but instead it brings conflict as his relationship with an African-American soldier threatens his recent marriage to a South Carolina socialite. His newly-acquired views on racial equality and his attempts to entice foreign trade to his home town also put him at odds with his father, a bigoted and prominent businessman.

Younger brother Heath is caught up in rebellion. Just emerging into manhood, he's an impatient virgin eager to taste life, and heading for trouble in the form of his new sister-in-law, and town tramp, Gaylene Bright.

Wade's sister Lindsey has fallen in love with a half-Native American doctor, sent to this small Central Georgia town to work off his student loan. Her affair with Logan Redhawk which will rip away the shield of normality and reveal secret lives, adultery, and the violence of murder.

When the smoke clears, the inhabitants of Jericho Road will never be the same.

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