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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Rose and the Dragon

It was like the plot of a Gothic novel: a lovely young governess, a handsome mysterious employer, and his three motherless children...but there the resemblance ends. Miranda Wilson soon finds there is more to Dominic Andrus and his family than meets the eye.

The triplets are in the center of a custody battle between Dom and his in-laws who appear very dangerous indeed. After one of Dom's ships is bombed and he and son Niki return home, Miranda is approached by a mysterious man saying he's come to take her and the children to him. The moment she sees Kitten Andrus, Miranda knows he's the man she'll love forever. So what if he's already had seven wives and appears to be ready for Wife #8? She and the children go with him and Miranda finds herself on the planet Gataeus where she discovers that Dom's no ordinary parent but an interplanetary Mafioso and his "custody battle" is between two crime families, vying for control of the entire planet. In a flash, one governess from Earth finds herself swept into a war led by a madman whose only wish is to destroy three innocent children, their father, and Kit.

What can one little Earthling do to save the man she loves?

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