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Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Releases!

Adrift on the vast Pacific in a small boat with only a dim prospect of rescue, private investigator Toby Grant questions his wisdom in taking on such a whacky assignment. It sounded so easy coming from his natty little client. All he had to do was transport a bunch of supposedly phony diamonds across the ocean to Hong Kong as a decoy for the real shipment. In his mind, it was a chance for a free cruise and there was even a buck to be made. Who cared about the danger? Even Pam, his new wife cottoned to the idea. Turned out she was as big a thrill seeker as he. Now they are on an endless ocean in a leaking lifeboat, miles off the normal sea-lanes. Can things possibly get any worse?
Historical Detective Adventure

Nine fantasy short stories/novelettes to satisfy the imagination. A combination of serious or adventurous fantasy alternating with a dash of light or amusing fancy. Some may make the reader laugh or cause him to peer into the shadows with concern. A few may provoke an unexpectedly serious thought. All will definitely entertain.
NOTE TO READERS: Some stories contain gay characters or situations.

Paranormal Anthology

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