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Saturday, February 15, 2014

February releases!

Absinthe…the drink they call the Green Fairy…addictive and deadly, destroying sanity.

Absinthe…a beautiful young man, as seductive and habit-forming as the liqueur for which he’s named…amoral and beguiling, once he’s tasted, he can never be forgotten.

A marquis’ son raised in a New Orleans whorehouse, ripped from his lover’s arms and thrust into the world of French nobility, Absinthe strives to be what his father wishes. He may escape his past but his voodoo teachings follow him, causing death and madness to those he loves.

Cursed before he was conceived, born noble, forced into debauchery, then rescued by a father’s love…but is he really free?

Absinthe…behold, a beautiful monster.

Gay Historical Erotica

Roy Gallant, a pillar of 1949 Santa Marcia society, has a major problem. Up until now he’s freely dabbled in his hobbies and shady dealings, unfettered by anything as prosaic as the law.

When a new police chief arrives and disrupts his life, Roy figures he can make the chief see things his way by arranging for his wife to be kidnapped. But things go horribly wrong and invite the attentions of the chief’s best friend--a private investigator named Toby Grant.

Roy Gallant is about to discover his worst nightmare and live to rue it.

Historical Detective Adventure

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