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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Novel Influenced by Green Lantern and Haven

Cadre of Vampires was originally written with the idea that everyone loves vampires. That being said, with a topic so vast, and folklore so deep, what could possibly be added to the genre that hasn’t already been done? In this case, the book is a cautionary tale about technology run amok, out of control. I added a Hive Mind and a technological cause for the vampirism rather than a supernatural one.

There is one leader who controls all his vampiric minions and their goal is to build a super vampire who will enslave the world. Finally they will launch into the galaxy and do the same to other inhabited worlds.

It begins when John Abbot disappears after believing that a group or cadre of vampires is in the town. This book uses real places in southern New Hampshire and the cover of the book is the actual police station in one of the towns. There is a large twist towards the end and the reader must decide if it was all real or merely the hunted rambling of a disturbed mind. This was written in second person, which is much easier to write. I had to get permission from the Chief of Police to not only take a picture of the building, but to use it for the cover. After the book came out, I gave him a signed copy. The scifi show of Haven had some influence with this story along with the Green Lantern cartoon. 


Paperback available exclusively from the publisher's website: http://classactbooks.com/cat-romance/cat-romance-paranormal/cadre-of-vampires-553-detail

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