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Thursday, December 15, 2016

December Releases from Class Act Books

This month, Class Act Books is proud to announce the release of debut author Leslie Heath's Young Adult novel THE LAST MAYOR'S SON.

Aibek gets the surprise of his life when he's summoned out of the West Xona Military Academy to help the village of his birth defend their newly won freedom.

Aibek, his best friend, and his father’s life-long servant make the perilous journey to Nivaka. They arrive to a grand welcome, but soon learn that not everyone there is happy they've come. Will Aibek figure out who in the forest village wants him gone? Or will someone end up dead?


SINBAD'S LAST VOYAGE, Book 2 of The Adventures of Sinbad, is CAB's second December release.  Written by veteran author Toni V. Sweeney, this is a SF Space Opera series previously published, with two new, never-before published novels added, and new covers by artist James Robinson.

As the Earth readies itself for war with the invading Albegensi, Navajo Andrea Talltrees travels to the Thieves Quarter to hire halfbreed smuggler Sinbad shen Singh to find her husband Tran, accused of being a spy.

When they meet, however, its an immediate clash of cultures as well as personalities--plus a heavy dose of instant attraction! Refusing to admit that he has fallen in love with a hated Terran, Sinbad reluctantly takes Andi on a journey that will carry them halfway across the galaxy, where the part-feline smuggler will call on some old friends for help and face one deadly enemy with an old score to settle.

In their search for Andi's husband, they'll uncover a secret invasion that threatens to destroy the war-torn Terran Federation, and will learn that it doesn't matter how long a person loves but simply that he does love.

Sinbad's Last Voyage will shortly be available on amazon and at the publisher's website.

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