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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Dark Trilogy

Kim Crosley just had to know who owned the Chrysler Touring car stopping at his street corner every night. Burgling the gent’s house seemed the best way to do it…until he gets caught.

Christopher “Kit” Laurence is a retired soccer champ, a near-recluse since a sports injury ended his career. Discovering a rent boy going through his belongings brings an intriguing disruption into his life as well as a relationship he isn’t certain he wants.

Though Kit gladly helps Kim extract himself from street life, the young hustler wants more. He’s determined to get beyond the wall Kit has built around himself. It’s a struggle of wills and attraction with each man’s own personal demons getting in the way. And then there are those mysterious “trips” Kit makes, gone for days with no explanation…

M/M Gay Contemporary Romance

Streetwise boy Kim Crosley thinks Kit Laurence cares for him but he can’t be certain. Half the time the ex-soccer champ acts like a Pygmalion, attempting to turn the sow’s ear who’s a rent boy into a silk purse of a gentleman. Other times, little glimpses of true affection gleam through his puzzling attitude.

Kim’s determined to break down the wall and force the real Kit to emerge. In the meantime, he’s contending with chauffeur Devlin’s scornful attitude as he attempts to prove he’s not simply an opportunist interested in his benefactor’s money.

A devastating illness offers Kim a way to show once and for all how he feels…if it works…if both he and Kit survive.

Recovering from major surgery saving soccer champ Kit Laurence’s life, former rent boy Kim Crosley faces more hurdles in his struggle to establish a relationship with his benefactor. He knows Kit cares for him so why is he still being held at arm’s-length?

When a threat emerges in the form of Angel, Kim’s former pimp, whatever Kit feels for Kim will definitely be put to the test. Wanting revenge for Kit’s taking away one of his best “boys,” Angel’s ready for blackmail and possible murder if he doesn’t get what he thinks he’s owed, and he doesn’t care which man is his victim…

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