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Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Releases!!

Harmonic Differential
Genre: Science Fiction
Time Period: Present/Past/Future

“I may have made many trips to the future, to the past and points all over the galaxy, but I cannot remember any of them…”

This is how the journey of Andros, an astrophysicist professor at Berkley, CA begins. He is driven mad by dreams of whirling lights he cannot explain. These dreams lead him to build a ship capable of travel to the future, the past and alternate universes. The only problem is, once he returns, he cannot remember the journey. To overcome this, he uses a video camera attached to his head to record his adventures.

Andros awakes thinking it all was a dream, until a mysterious package arrives in the mail.

About the author:
Kenneth Gordon

I grew up in Milford, NH and enjoyed writing ever since my high school English teacher gave us time to write in our daily journal. I wrote stories based on the game I was playing at the time, “Bard’s Tale” and used to narrate in my mind what was happening as I went to my next class.

I took creative writing in college and had many different assignments including a short story final. After college, I wrote many short stories, even some fan fiction. Had once started another novel. I find inspiration in all kinds of places. Once I get an idea, it is off and running. I live in NH with my wife and two cats. I play PC games, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, sing and hold a brown belt in Kung Fu.


Book title: The Birthday Gift
Genre: Romance
Time Period: Contemporary

Deeply wounded by their pasts, Rose and Hoyt learn to give love, first to a parentless child, then after a wildfire threatens their lives, to each other.

But the Fates aren’t done with them yet.

Circumstances force them apart, challenging each to sacrifice their dearest possession and risk everything to follow their hearts. It’s up to the child they adore to show them the path to love, a tall order for someone less than a year old.

About the author:

Cassandra Barnes

Writing is a creative outlet for me, and I find inspiration everywhere. Although words sometimes flow for me, I usually have to rewrite everything several times before it all comes together to my satisfaction. I alternate between handwritten pages and filling a blank PC screen. My perfectionist ways frequently lead to writer’s block! When that happens, all I can do is take a break. Once the pressure is off, the words I need eventually appear.

I was a Certified Public Accountant in my first career. As a volunteer, I've been a literacy tutor, mentored other writers, and raised money for animal welfare. Other than books, a few of my favorite things are animals, flowers, food, music, metaphysics, and science.

I grew up in a rural Washington town in the fifties. In the 70s, I lived a year in Teheran, and later visited Rome, Athens, Alexandria, and Beijing. Since then I’ve lived on the Oregon coast, in the Arizona deserts, and now make my home on a mountain top in California. I’ve been happy and sad, employed and unemployed, healthy and unwell, married and unmarried, creative and dull. Best of all, I have loved and been loved by good guys and bad boys, and that’s what keeps my world turning.

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