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Monday, September 16, 2013

September New Releases!

…Mankind admitted vampires exist?

…Vampires followed Man into the stars, inhabiting every planet in the galaxy?

…They solved the “Vampire Problem” by putting the Undead in concentrations camps?

What would happen if someone decided to destroy the imprisoned nosferatu?

Would the police investigate?

Should they?

Forced to assist Lieutenant Katherine Dalia in the case, vampire Christopher Landless fights desire and thirst to uncover a motive of long-lingering revenge as both vampire and mortal
discover old crimes never go unpunished.

By Tony-Paul de Vissage

Doing Time in Hell is the memoir of J. Bodie, a prison guard at the Nebraska State Penitentiary from 1979-1991.
Encouraged by his father-in-law, also an NSP employee, the young wildcat oil rigger straight from the bayous of Louisiana applied for and received an appointment at the Lincoln, Nebraska State prison. For nearly a dozen years, he observed both the men in his custody as well as the ones guarding them. Soon he realized both were “doing time.” The only difference is that the guards are doing it on the “Installment Plan.”

Within these pages are recorded events that occurred during his employment, as well as various characters, some infamous, some not, whom he met while he also “did his time.”

By J. Bodie, edited by Toni V. Sweeney


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