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Saturday, October 15, 2011

October New Release

A yearly tradition turns tragic when John Richardson is in the hospital battling a terminal illness. When his grandson, Sean, takes his place, no one can believe it will be the last act of his life. Killed in a drive by shooting, Rhonda Pohs has the job of trying to find out who had motive and was the victim supposed to be John or Sean. Dressed as a scarecrow with a fiberglass jack-o-lantern on his head, he makes the perfect target for someone driving a stolen van. But who? With the entire football team and the cheerleading squad as suspects, it soon becomes apparent it was possibly Sean who was the intended target. As the captain of the football team, the handsome running back was not only the captain of the football team but also the Homecoming King only one week earlier. Rhonda gets unexpected help from Sean's maternal great grandfather, a full-blooded Sioux shaman as he predicts things that lead to secrets being uncovered leading to the name of those behind the horrendous crime.

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