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Friday, November 19, 2010

New Release!

Cornerstone Deep, by Charlene A. Wilson, was released Nov. 15, 2010.

With the release of Cornerstone Deep this week, I thought it would be fitting to have someone from that dimension tell us about their world. So, without further adieu, I give you Mianna.

Introduction to Cornerstone Deep, by Mianna Newton Shilo.

Hello, my new friends. Charlene has asked me to take a moment and talk about Cornerstone Deep. I’m very pleased that she has chosen me to introduce you to my world. Naming her debut novel after my dimension is a great honor. Thank you, Charlene.

Actually, Cornerstone Deep is the formal name for Terra. It’s the position we hold in the spectrum of planes. As you know, a cornerstone a vital part of any building or structure. In this case, you could think of an arch. It begins and ends with a cornerstone supporting each base. The meridian cap joins with the midway sections to make the structure. And yes, we have dimensions called Meridian and Midway. Of course, they have their familiar names, just as we do. Our side of the spectrum’s arch is called Deep and the other side is called Summit. Hence, Cornerstone Deep.

I was very fortunate to have been raised in an Arylin colony on my world. Our culture follows Arylin, the Goddess of Love. I lived there until I met Cole when he visited on holiday. He completely stole my heart. I returned to the City of Shilo with him and learned of their unique natures. I knew I belonged with him.

As Sentinels to Cornerstone Deep, Cole, James, and Vincent keep watch over Terra. If something goes terribly wrong here, it affects the whole spectrum. Just as that arch would be weakened if one of its cornerstones failed. Being from Meridian, the Shilo brothers have special abilities. It’s a gifted plane, where they’ve advanced to the point of manipulating the elements. We call them wizards. At least those of us who know of their natures. They’re very familiar with rebirth, and even though they lose their soul mates to death, they are able to find them again and continue progressing together. I can’t tell you how it comforts me to know that Cole will find me again in my next life.

Though I’ve never traveled the realms, I’ve seen them depicted and heard amazing stories. Perhaps one day, the Gods be willing, I will have the opportunity to accompany my love and visit the wonders of the spectrum and be a continuing part of the Chronicles of Shilo Manor. If I do, I promise I’ll give you a full account.

May Arylin’s love abide in your heart until next we meet.



They outlive their loves by thousands of years. Reincarnation doesn't exist on this plane. Yet they continue to accept others for whatever time they have together. Save for Cole. His love for his last wife burns in his soul four centuries after her death.

When the service they render to the Lords of Cornerstone Deep brings him face to face with Anna, something unexpected happens. In a realm of silent souls, hers calls to him. He responds with a kiss; one that joined with the spell of servitude, binds her soul.

He tries desperately to undue his wrong, despite the determination of the Lord to keep her.

~ * ~

My life is a mirage of endless time.

But you in this moment engulf me, rivet my mind,

encompass my heart.

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